We are DMC. We do FMCC.

What is FMCC?

Picture your customers.
One eye on their mobile. One on their laptop. Both on their TV.
It takes more than ever to hold their attention.
So we engineered a new kind of content.
Fast-moving consumer content.
Now no matter where they look, you’re there.

Today it’s all about staying in front of your customers as much as you can. So we’ve focused on perfecting quick fire, cost-effective tactical content. High output, high impact digital, video, TVC and print – affordable at scale.

Who is DMC?

A content partner for content creators.
Whether brands, agencies or production companies.
With three decades experience. And two fierce commitments.
Making fast-moving consumer content.
And fast-moving DMC clients content.

It’s hard to explain who we are in a sentence – or even five. At our core we’re tactical content specialists, tuned in to the changing habits of consumers. Honing our processes, infrastructure and skills to match.

Tools we use to TCOB

Content is the new black.
It goes with everything.
With print. With digital. With video and TV.
So naturally, we love doing all of the above.
In any colour you like.

Content is the glue that holds together everything we do. So we can take on every aspect of an integrated campaign – in any media. Either through our in-house talent, or our network of global, on-call specialists.

A little nod from our VIPs

Here’s a few ‘words from our sponsors’, if you will.
Mitsubishi said, ‘Traffic continues to grow astronomically.’
Golden Chain said, ‘This is a huge improvement.’
Invida said they’ve seen ‘significant sales growth’.
Thanks, guys. As always, it’s our pleasure.

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A nod to DMC from Goliath

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Got a killer schedule? We’ll fit into yours.
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We’d love to show more of what we can do.

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